Mid way through July aaaaaahhhhhhhh

As the header says we are midway through July and where has the time gone?   My current theory is that we just keep adding jobs to our list and still expect to get it all done with the same amount of time allocated for just the day to day stuff.

Just imagine the money that could be made if  time was sold.  Gee that would open up a few more doors.

001jpg002jpgThis lovely collection arrived called Birdsong  a repro collection, proving to be quite popular already.

003jpgand this collection called Happy Jungle arrived a great childrens collection with bright colours.

004jpgI have just finished this little lap quilt called Wednesday Owls by Hot Possum, it was a bit of fun so when it comes back from being quilted it will be on display.

005jpgThe other interesting parcel that arrived was my order of pre-cut fabric hexagons. The collection is Happy go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille.   l whipped (hand pieced) up a small hexie quilt in 2 nights using the pre-cuts, the pre-cuts also come in white and porcelain which l have had in the shop for a little while. Quick,  you bet the hexagons (sold as Honeycombs) are 6 inches.  So l am off to add the borders now……..so l will show you later what it looks like.

Thats all , now l will try and get some more time……mmm….what about forget the housework………

Cheers Mary