she was great…

I managed to have a rare late afternoon off on Monday  and headed into Melbourne to have some “qt” with Mr PnQ and  go to a concert that l have waited for a long time to go to.

Carole King at the Plenery.  My calf muscles ached (from foot tapping) my hands hurt (from clapping),my voice croaky (from singing) and l couldnt wipe the grin from my face, it was one of the bestest concerts l have ever been to.

She is amazing  71 years young, her song writing has expanded over 6 decades  and her album(CD) Tapestry is still a top seller.  Talk about inspirational…….

So today l have lots of energy  its amazing when you do something different it gives you a boost.

017jpgThis little cot quilt is called Vintage Pink Lamb, a quick and easy quilt using a lovely vintage lamb print . Kits are available in the shop.019jpgand this little cot quilt is the other version that l have  using a vintage lamb print in a linen shade.  Kits are also available in the shop.

Cheers  Mary

Ps: thats the end of the social life indulgences for a while, but hang on footy is nearly back  woo hoo.