What will 2013 bring???

Just had the best break, which consisted of no overseas travel just local,       lots of family that you want around,        lots of cooking that you choose to do, not have to do ,       lots of pleasurable chores that l did around the house including gardening and directing Mr P n Q with his (my) jobs………, cleaning up my sewing room (what else do you do when its boiling hot……),    and of course l did heaps of sewing actually finishing projects ready for the New Year.

I spent some time at the shop while it was closed, hiding from travellers who thought l was open, which was a bit hard when l was rearranging the shop to freshen things up . Here is one of my annual jobs the new sign for out the front of the shop……….

Anyway 2012 finished very well (apart from my dogs going nuts with the local fireworks that continued well past midnight thanks to those thoughtful people) .

No New Years resolutions were made, but l will continue doing what l love, cos l can………………..I finished Cheeky Monkey which was one of my projects…….it was great fun stuffing the legs…………

Cheers Mary