Heres to lots of eating………

Its that time of year where its inevitable that we will eat heaps,

drink a bit more than usual,

listen to tales of the Christmas pasts,

sit next to deaf Auntie Dora,

or wrangle with the unsocialised little relative….

sleep more than usual both during the day and at night…..

But when its all said and done are’nt we lucky that we have these opportunities because there are plenty that don’t..

So……Cheers from holiday Mary

PS> My shop will reopen on Monday 7 January 2013…..

12.12.12 its has to be written…………

There are always unusual things that occur when you try and jam heaps of jobs and birthdays into the small time frame left until Christmas, and of course l am not unusual in this area.

But then along comes some thing that makes you stop and go wow.

I got this beautiful French antique box filled to the brim with antique hand made lace and pure silk gold thread.

The giver was my Mr PnQ an early Christmas present as he is hopeless at keeping secrets.

And to tell you the truth l cannot stop looking at it.  The laces are just beyond belief and the gold thread is just so heavy as the roll is huge.

Is it weird if l have it on the bedside table?????????????

and in the office and on the kitchen table????

The only assurance that l gave Mr PnQ was that l wouldnt waste it(by putting it in a quilt) and l wouldnt take it to the shop to play with,(cos he thinks l have enough to play with there….)

So whos the lucky girl???????

Cheers as always


For Dawn and Meredith

The cobwebs have been cleaned out and hence the post ,especially for Dawn and the blog proficient Meredith……here is one of the new collections in my shop Bella… ultra modern collection…….and just so” buy-able”

Another great panel wth a twist is Noahs Ark just a rippa’, there are also some extra bolts of mixers………

Hope  your Christmas preparations are going well,

Look at this terrific present that Marina gave me for Christmas, a pin cushion using Mary selvedges…..Fantastic isnt it.

Cheers till the next post.




ABC 123

Its a simple as the ABC 123.  You may remember the cloth book ???? Well its been reproduced again and l have the panels available in the shop.  Also l have bits and pieces of the fabrics along with Layer cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm Squares.Its a bit of a no “brainer” as a childs present for the Santa Sack……….

Cheers Mary

Bubbly ,Roxy and the little teapot

Bubbly , Roxy and the little tea pot sounds like the start of a childrens story but no just a couple more samples for the shop.

Bubbly is the wise owl made from wool felt, why is it that we assume that owls are wise???????

Roxy- long socks is the new style doll from the Red thread. The pattern includes a face to be sewn on or  you can make your own face.This doll is very quick project and of course l have them in stock . l also sell the faces separately.

The teeny teapot is one of Jodies (Ric Rac) creative cards it was great fun to make and can be used as a pin cushion, also made from Wool Felt.

Did you know that l stock wool felt???????well where have you been………..Next on the agenda was one of Toni Cowards(Make it Perfect) new patterns called Serendipity which is another great jacket. Different to Uptown Girl as it has a double breasted look and little Peter Pan collar. So cute and again in keeping with Toni’s patterns very simple.

So who has time to get bored………..not me.

Cheers Mary


The Christmas corner has turned out to be quite good, its nice to be able to display all of the Christmas bits for sale in one area.There are  lots of bits for sale aprons and stockings to make, kits for the Christmas window quilts a range of Lynette Andersons trims along with her sticky labels and paper bon-bon kit There are Christmas panels, Advent calenders and lots of red and green things…….Bells are for sale both big and small…………

But if you are not a Christmas fabric fan, then there are plenty of new ranges that have arrived  , here are 2.

Odds and Ends and Padstow….

They look good.

Cheers Mary

Trish and Santa

Trish Harper had her class on Saturday, and the girls worked on Dancing Dollies. Great progress was made on one of the wedges by the girls and l managed to cut fabric for my Dancing Dollies.

The photos of the original quilt certainly does not do  it justice.

Trish designed this quilt for her granddaughter but l am sure that her granddaughter will be 21 by the time she gets it assuming she gets it at all.??????

Trish will be back in 2013 for some more classes something to look forward to.

“Joy” is one of the new quilts in the Christmas window, the fabric is very bright and fresh.

The quilt is available in kit form and also there is plenty of fabric on the bolt. It was a very quick quilt to make.

The second quilt is made from a great collection of fabric, not your usual, but very effective”  Mrs Claus” from Cosmos Cricket.

Thankyou to Janine for whipping it up for me.

Again the quilt is availble in kit form but there is also plenty of fabric on the bolt.

Cheers Mary



Thankyou very much for helping me celebrate my 7th birthday, the week was hectic and the sale very successful.

The winner of the door prize was Margaret James from Melbourne . The prize was a large collection of fat quarters which l am sure will come in handy for Margaret.

The shop was a bit of a mess by the time Saturday hit, but hopefully by the time of my next post,  the shop will be nice and fresh again with all of the new collections finally out.(not out the back in boxes).

I did manage to get the Christmas window done.  and the Christmas fabric out (i am ignoring how many weeks to go until Christmas). I will get some photos up on the blog on the weekend.

Hope you all got bargains…..

Cheers Mary



Starting Next week Monday 15 October, and finishing Saturday 20 October, l will be celebrating my shop Birthday with my usual BIG sale.

30% off all fabrics (minimum cut 50 cm )  $8.00 per metre clearance bolts (min cut 1 metre)  $4.00 pre-cut fat quarters  and lots more.

No LAYBYS.  But there is a DOOR PRIZE.

Come and celebrate another good year……

Cheers Mary

Learning new techniques..not in the sewing sense.

As is always the case with me, l much prefer to sew and embroider l do like to be organised at my shop, definately at home (it all doesnt work if this isnt right, put the hubby in that category) .

But when it comes to the computer and HAVING to learn new bits l tend to drag my heels a bit, as l think of all of the other things l would prefer to be doing.

So hence l make hard work out of something that is simple.

So this is where this post begins………resizing………dragging and clicking…….adding things…….previewing (many times)…and if it wasnt for the fantastic help l  have been getting from the 5 foot 1 person(Jen) l would be still floundering.

Hang on maybe l would be in the sewing room…….. But then again this new post may not work and then l will have to eat my words….