Heres to lots of eating………

Its that time of year where its inevitable that we will eat heaps,

drink a bit more than usual,

listen to tales of the Christmas pasts,

sit next to deaf Auntie Dora,

or wrangle with the unsocialised little relative….

sleep more than usual both during the day and at night…..

But when its all said and done are’nt we lucky that we have these opportunities because there are plenty that don’t..

So……Cheers from holiday Mary

PS> My shop will reopen on Monday 7 January 2013…..

12.12.12 its has to be written…………

There are always unusual things that occur when you try and jam heaps of jobs and birthdays into the small time frame left until Christmas, and of course l am not unusual in this area.

But then along comes some thing that makes you stop and go wow.

I got this beautiful French antique box filled to the brim with antique hand made lace and pure silk gold thread.

The giver was my Mr PnQ an early Christmas present as he is hopeless at keeping secrets.

And to tell you the truth l cannot stop looking at it.  The laces are just beyond belief and the gold thread is just so heavy as the roll is huge.

Is it weird if l have it on the bedside table?????????????

and in the office and on the kitchen table????

The only assurance that l gave Mr PnQ was that l wouldnt waste it(by putting it in a quilt) and l wouldnt take it to the shop to play with,(cos he thinks l have enough to play with there….)

So whos the lucky girl???????

Cheers as always


For Dawn and Meredith

The cobwebs have been cleaned out and hence the post ,especially for Dawn and the blog proficient Meredith……here is one of the new collections in my shop Bella… ultra modern collection…….and just so” buy-able”

Another great panel wth a twist is Noahs Ark just a rippa’, there are also some extra bolts of mixers………

Hope  your Christmas preparations are going well,

Look at this terrific present that Marina gave me for Christmas, a pin cushion using Mary selvedges…..Fantastic isnt it.

Cheers till the next post.