she was great…

I managed to have a rare late afternoon off on Monday  and headed into Melbourne to have some “qt” with Mr PnQ and  go to a concert that l have waited for a long time to go to.

Carole King at the Plenery.  My calf muscles ached (from foot tapping) my hands hurt (from clapping),my voice croaky (from singing) and l couldnt wipe the grin from my face, it was one of the bestest concerts l have ever been to.

She is amazing  71 years young, her song writing has expanded over 6 decades  and her album(CD) Tapestry is still a top seller.  Talk about inspirational…….

So today l have lots of energy  its amazing when you do something different it gives you a boost.

017jpgThis little cot quilt is called Vintage Pink Lamb, a quick and easy quilt using a lovely vintage lamb print . Kits are available in the shop.019jpgand this little cot quilt is the other version that l have  using a vintage lamb print in a linen shade.  Kits are also available in the shop.

Cheers  Mary

Ps: thats the end of the social life indulgences for a while, but hang on footy is nearly back  woo hoo.

The epic journey completed

The epic journey of the” b….y” camels has come to an end.

The journey started for Margaret and not to mention Jan some 2 years ago in Jans class.

002jpgand it ended last Friday or was that Saturday in Jans class,

003jpg004jpgthe epic journey of thread painting with loads of embellishments, the blanket was well travelled and well patted and we were all in awe of what Margaret and Jan had achieved.

We forgot the champers…………….

PicMonkey CollageThe Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters (in 2 colour ways)  and part of Toybox 3 arrived and are already of the shelves.

001jpgNow this Stitching Fairies piece is also a long project for no other reason, than no time to finish so l have made sure that each month l will try and get an older project done…..well thats the plan…….for this early part of the year…

The pattern is a pre-printed pic on linen and the threads are provided… in stock  again…………

My second trip to Jersey Boys was great…..courtesy of my girls…..if you say you must see it get off your butts and do it you wont regret it…….

Quote of the day after a Google moment by one of my treasures, oh he is still alive(Frankie) gee he is old.  Gee that hit hard after l had sung my way through all of the songs almost word perfect……..

Cheers Mary


It seems quite ironic that the collection that arrived on Friday is called Homeschool

so here is part of it

003jpg002jpgthe collection also comes in a red colourway and green colourway.

001jpgSome Kaffe Fassett pre-cuts also arrived  rolls in dots and a general mix and 6″ squares . The fabric pre-cuts are great to add to plains to create interest.

Hoo roo to Jen

Cheers Mary