a peak at Dear William

001jpgHere is a sneak peak at Michelle Hills new Block of the Month  Dear William.  What to say about this one … its look great, and Janine has done an absolutely brilliant job at making the quilt as its right up her alley with machine applique.

The Block of the Month will be available soon , but if you think that you would like to join this BOM then it would be an idea to leave your name at the shop  as there are limited numbers of the program.  Maybe consider joining one of Janine’s machine applique classes in Term 2 to work on this quilt.  More details once we are ready to go…..

002jpgAnother great thing that has happened at the shop, is that l am now stocking Gumnuts yarns.  Flavours are ” Stars ” which is stranded Silk,” Daisies”  which is fine Wool and” Poppies” which is a blend of Silk and Wool.  The threads are all hand dyed in Aust which is fab but that is only a minor detail as the threads are beautiful.

003jpgAnd look Jodie has sent me another sample of one of her patterns “the Classic Messenger”  using fabrics from the shop, the pattern will be in the shop after Easter…..

Okay its nearly chocolate feast time, so have a terrifc Easter with some nice days off.

The shop will be closed for the normal public holidays  but fear not l WILL be OPEN on Saturday 30 March.

Hoo roo


Little Poppy, some linen and the Dance of the Heart

001jpg002jpg003jpgI have had a lovely play today at home, socializing , gardening, and of course the essential sewing, such a beautiful day and l managed to achieve a vitamin D intake, with out becoming crisp……..

So l have been working on  Rosalie Quinlan Block of the Month  Dance of the Heart, in redwork (she also has it in coloured thread)  so once again using my scrap the wall hanging is nearly finished, l am a bit of a fan of redwork, so l have shown you a sample.  The patterns comes with pre-printed linen and the thread and of course directions of how to put it together…….The patterns will be in the shop next week.

Another item that l finished was a new Make it Perfect Pattern Called Mini Poppy, it is the sweetest little dress, once again the pattern is simple and logical, l used cotton for the dress but you can also use a heavier fabric, patterns are on sale at my shop..

There are lots of deliveries at the moment so the shop is full, one of the collections that came in is of printed Linen Blend, as you can see in the picture the fabric is quite smart and it has a wider width.  This is the fabric that Irene B was waiting for back in January……….she assures me that she has a new quilt design that this fabric can be used in …….well guess who is waiting now………

As l mentioned the shop is full of fabric  so l have had to have a tidy up so my sale baskets are overflowing so at $8.00 per metre (minimum cut 1metre) you cannot go wrong  and its worth having a look at.

I think thats all for this blog…

Cheers Mary

phew its hot

At least the weather can provide heaps of conversation and by now we are all stir crazy….

001jpgLook at this bright fabric called “Glamping” on the shelves now….

Not feeling chatty though at the moment, just over the heat and yes the tradies are still here, the roof is finished and l have told Mr PnQ to stop running around in his undies out the front(ooooooo), the possum well not sure whats happened there, he may have left the building……….

Heres to the cool change…..

Cheers Mary

Easter Bunnies is it a bit early…….

001jpgI had the urge to make a few Easter Bunnies  from a Creative Card pattern by Rosalie Quinlan, and it got a bit out of hand…………and l was lucky enough to be able to use a new collection by Aneela Hoey  Posy, just purely coincidentally the collection has bunnies and chickens…perfect timing is what l call it……..

PicMonkey Collagealso  Field Notes by Blackbird designs turned up and a collection of Retro Sewing fabrics……..

002jpgThis quick quilt that l finished , shows you just how effective fabric can look in a simple pattern.  The Jelly roll is called” Simply Colour” and the charm squares  are called” Noteworthy” and the border white with a grey dot.

004jpgAnd in what seemed like a marathon Toytime Circus is finished and the Block of the Month Program will be available soon.

So…the roof is nearly finished, the technical difficulty with the camera rectified (l hope), the fridge being fixed tomorrow, the heap of old tin in the driveway will be gone tomorrow, all cakes appreciated by the trades and l will be back at the shop for a rest…….

Cheers Mary