Story Book Classics

002jpgAt last the very very nice 1930s collection of fabric called Story Book Classics is on the shelf, this is one of the better 1930s collections  and l have had great fun getting it all out of the boxes.

003jpgThe trouble l had was fitting it all in…..

001jpgand the all encompassing Irene Blanck called in and dropped off her Gardenhurst quilt another fine example of needleturn applique.  Just waiting for the patterns to arrive.

Cheers Mary

PS: I have email issues at the moment ,its not working  (the email that is)  so apologies for that, it appears gremlins are involved hope to have it fixed soon  so if you need me just ring the shop.

How do you measure success……..

A lovely collection of fabric called has been put out onto the shelves, PB&J very different but strong colours here is a sample.

001jpg002jpgDo you measure success on what you finish or what you start or how it is admired or whether you receive enormous satisfaction from getting something done or do you just plain and simple like it and thats all that matters… it is a very interesting talking point, with a varied point of view.  Lets face it it is a personal point of view…..

But when Jan Kerton comes for her   classes, success is measured not by what is finished but by the fun that every class member has and the wonder of how long does one have to live to be able to do it all.                                                                  Adele managed to get her hippos finished, and the result is fantastic .

008jpgJust a little bit different using Red Wool/cashmere  (in stock at the shop).

I rest my case…………….

Jan has a couple more new designs which should be ready shortly  Owls and Tigers. I will let you know when they are in.

Cheers Mary

Dance of the Heart sums it up……..

Terrific Easter was had by all the the PnQ household, lots of visitors, food, chocolate, (maybe a little alcohol) a football drought over(Go Cats), some odd jobs done , sewing done, a sleep in, roaming around in pjs for a while.

So l thought l had better show you what lve been up to…..l have spent some 2 hours trawling through sites on the computer   l so hate that when l get hooked…..

005jpgDance of the Heart  by Rosalie Quinlan got finished,

001jpgAnother childs play mat got finished l think l am in love with these….they are just so simple  find a panel if its not big enough for what you want add a border to the top and bottom place some batting behind that and quilt with cotton perle(its quick by using a thicker thread) then using spray baste put a piece of laminated fabric on the back and then trim to size and then bind it using the pre-made binding that l have in the shop and thats it….great present……

002jpgSitting around for some time l have had these iron on transfers from the Aunt Marthas range and l was always a bit stuck as to what to do, so l needed a new tablecloth.

So l cut out the tranfers from the packet and then ironed them onto a feed sack that l had(its huge) and then started to embroider the picture.

004jpgand the first one is done..l used x 6 strands of DMC in really bright colours.  The only negative to the process is that the lines can be a bit thick if you keep the iron on too long.  You would think l would know that by now………

So when l get further down the track l will show you…….

Cheers Mary