Space walk……….its how l feel sometimes

A little while ago l purchased some Glow in the Dark fabric  yes a bit odd for me but l was fascinated by it….it does actually glow in the dark……

So l just had to make Space Walk……by Two Matching Pegs


 The stars and the “afterburners” are made using the fabric     now how to photograph the glow is still a work in progress.

Anyway the quilt and the fabric will be in the shop this week.

Cheers Mary

Ps.  Yes l deleted the spacewalkers  more obsessed with the glow in the dark fabric……..

Where does the time go…..

It seems ages since l posted oh well thats what happens when you are busy…

So this is what has been happening

More fabric arrived:

002jpgMill Series  a reproduction collection which has a fabulous lavender colour in it.

003jpgof course there are plenty of other colours  as its a big collection.

004jpgCirca by Jennifer Pagnelli  also arrived a great collection that has a vintage feel to it, the quilt l made is coming……..

005jpgI think l mentioned a while ago that my lovely rep gave me some Liberty fabric  (the Art Series) and l was excited about using the fabric , so out came the book Material Obsession 1,   you know the Sarah Fielke and Kathy Dougherty one.

Its been sitting on my shelf for a while (along with lots of other books) so l found this quilt in it and thought that the 2 would be a great mix… So its all finished and will be in the shop this week. Kerrie did a great job quilting it and basically l am thrilled with the finished project. Its always nice to complete a quilt that you have always wanted to do.

The Liberty fabric was awesome to use, and the colours fantastic…….and yes l still have some of the fabric left in the shop.

001jpgAnother collection of fabric called Owl Wonderful turned up, it has this great Owl panel so l whipped up a little quilt…………..

Any way l think all of this info empties the in basket for a day or two. So enjoy.

Cheers Mary