Still here……

Blogging is falling away again , cos’ l am busy like everyone, so l thought that l needed to get my thankyous in early as there may not be a post between now and when the shop breaks for Christmas.

Most of the shop classes have now finished, and thankyou to all of my teachers that have imparted their knowledge.

The start of the new class lists for 2014 will be progresively popped on the website over the next month or  as l get confirmation from tutors.

A big thankyou to my wonderful girls Carmel and Janine that work in the shop, my job would be made a whole lot harder without them.

And hating to be” corny” but without my customers the shop would be a bit lonely.  So thankyou for the endless support.

2014 will bring a few changes, more stock generally……..l’ll let you know about that later.


Subject to change:  Shop Hours:   Shop Closed 12.30 pm Tuesday 24 December  and reopen Monday 6 January 2014.

I am on Instagram now so follow me on that, l manage to be better at that…………

Cheers Mary