Fabric Bliss

A long time in between posts does not represent no fabric arriving but me being a tad busy to sit at the computer downloading pics, but after the morning cooking to fill the freezer and feeling very pleased with myself, l thought l would continue the good form.

So here are some new fabrics.

001jpgThis collection is called Printemps by 3 sisters, just so soft and pretty, couldnt resist a photo with my cabinets….

002jpgThis is a retro 30s collection, a bit blurry(my photography) but you get the gist of the collection.

009jpgA repro collection called Renaissance Revival.

Hopefully  the supplier is still on target for the wool to arrive in April, l think fingers will need to be crossed……..

Cheers Mary


Ginger And Blue

Jodie Carleton is coming to play at the shop on  Saturday 26 April  10.00am-3.00pm. Jodie will be running a workshop helping you to make her new pattern Ginger and Blue

Bookings are being taken now.  Its a great way to spend a lovely Saturday in my beautiful new big classroom.

002jpgThere have been lots of rep visits last week, ordering lots more fabric that will be due May-July.  It does your head in at times because you have to remember what you have already organised, also the dates that the fabric is due doesnt always match to when you get it, so at times you have holes in your stock.  Anyway its always fun so over the next month or so lots will be turning up including Liberty and and the start of my new wool stock fingers crossed.

Cheers Mary