Wool at last…..

Its been a bit of a journey already, but at last the wool is out on the newly built wool wall….l am so happy with it, is it bad to select wool on its colour!!!!!!!!!

Anyway the wool collection will continue to be a work in progress, so at the moment l have Totem, Sublime, Baby Bamboo, Country Naturals, California, Baby Fairisle, Gigante and Zauberball.

Lots of books and leaflets are already in and the knitting needles and crochets hooks have always been in stock.  So lets see what happens..

004jpg 005jpgSo while all of the wool stuff was happening more fabric stock arrived.

001jpgMaisie by Tanya Whelan

002jpgThe Grace Collection by Anna Griffin

003jpgSlipper Rose…..

006jpgCirca 1825……….

The Easter break has been fantastic…..the usual suspects family, chocolate,  wine  and footy. I am indeed very lucky…

Cheers Mary

One Four One Four – todays date-what tha’

If you bothered to take the time to write todays date down it would be” one four one four” l am sure that there is some astrological meaning to that…. but realistically its the first day of april,  month four of the year aaaaaahhhhh where is this time going…..a quarter of the year almost gone,  Easter creeping up, Round 3 of the AFL , Autumn in full swing but still with some unusual hot days, school holidays approaching.

Its great to be alive…..

and the wool is nearly here…….

Well The new French General Collection has arrived Le Bouquet Francais,

002jpg003jpgthe pictures are of the red and blue shades, but there is also a butter shade, and a mauve (grey thanks midnight madness). It is up to the usual high standard we have come to like about the French General designers.

It is in the shop at the moment and is moving very fast……so dont dilly dally.  There is a pattern available , that uses the blues in the collection.  I have a kit available or just the pattern.

001jpgJust thought l needed to show you my new range of zips, pretty much covers all varieties of zips now…..

004jpgand look who has turned up, Jodie Carletons new pattern  Wooden Hearts another duo pattern,  where does this girl get her ideas, very clever thankyou Jodie again.

I had my first Midnight Madness group last Friday, it was a hoot, the company was great, the food perfect and believe it or not we actually got a lot of sewing done.  Lots of lollies were eaten and champers sipped.

The date for the next one has been set……….thanks to Irene for her help…….

Well l think thats all for the moment  got lots of sewing to do.

Cheers Mary