Wool Hardware

001My wool hardware has finally arrived just in time so now l have knitting needles metal and bamboo, crochet hooks metal ,some plastic, and bamboo and a selection of other accessories.

002A lovely range of Moda fabrics have arrived  called Ducks in a row, it has some very interesting bolts in it.

There are some great classes coming up.  Nicole Mallalieu  the author of  “You Sew Girl” and “the Better Bag Maker” will be holding a workshop Customised Bags  on Saturday 16 August 2014.

Bookings are being taken now and there are only a few spots left..more extensive details are listed on my website in the classes section.

So on this cold Sunday night its off to eat pizza and watch the footy…..

Cheers Mary

Irene Blancks quilt new quilt launch wash up….

Well a very busy day was spent on Saturday with Irene Blanck’s new quilt launch and display.

I had great fun getting the classroom ready to display the quilts. and l must extend my thanks to James at The Gisborne Flower Shoppe who not only provided the flowers but also allowed me to pull apart his shop to get props for the day.

A steady and regular stream of lookers passed through the door so thankyou to those people who called in for a look and a spend.

So l thought you might like to see some photos.

002jpgThis pic is of one of Irenes new quilts called Melon, Lime and Bitters.  This pattern is in one of Irenes new forms of quick and easy patterns called “Eye Candy”

004jpgThe grey quilt on the left (yep didnt think to take a pic straight on) is another newby  called Miz Kelly.  Yep named after me…it has taken a lot of nagging to get one named after me.  My only concern is that Irene keeps mentioning 50 shades of Grey   (for goodness sake there is only 3) so l dont know what she is on about????????

The room looks great l think…..

003jpgand of course a lot of the older quilts were on display  this one is Auntie Green……

008jpgMosaics  always does well with the customers……for the bird lovers……

009jpgSpring time Promise one of Irenes not finished quilts… was so successful that it will now have to be finished and not thrown into the cupboard abyss…….

006jpgand there was nibbles, apparently the meringues were great………it was yum and l great fun making the bits, a surprise for Irene.

So it was all good and l was ever so glad to get my shoes off, have a Bacardi, and lie on the couch…….and then l had to unpack the car  aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

Forgot to mention all of the patterns are available from the shop.

Thanks Irene for making such great quilts……….a great focus on quilts… boom.

Cheers Mary