December 1

Hard to write the date down today, as its really the countdown now till Christmas and there is so much to do…both at the shop and at home not to mention birthdays for family members.

I did get the Shop Christmas quilt up a month ago so l was proud of myself for that but realised there wasnt a photo of it.

The quilt is made of entirely scraps, including the linen background courtesy of a mistake in cutting that l made some time ago……..

Kerrie Thomas of Black Forest Quilting did a fabulous job as usual, with the quilting you may see the little Christmas trees quilted.

001jpgactually you wont see the Christmas trees becuse they are in the border.

There are other Christmas fabrics available at the shop and l have pictured just a small example.

002jpgLynette Andersons Christmas…

003jpgSparkly Christmas…..

004jpgand the fabulous Cotton and Steel Christmas….

Classes for the year will wind up next week, but l have been working on a variety of classes for next year.

I will be introducing a range of dressmaking based classes run on a Friday morning, the projects are being finalised at the moment but they look great and varied.

“Using your overlocker” is also coming  to a Friday morning….so watch the class schedule for dates.

Judy Newman and Irene Blanck will be having January 2016 classes dates are listed in the class schedule.  Bookings are essential.

My shop hours for the holiday period:

I will be closed Thursday 24 December 2015 and reopen Tuesday  5 January 2016.

To extend my break l will be reducing my shop opening hours for the first week only  10.00 am  – 4.00 pm

So thanks again.

Cheers Mary


November on the countdown to Christmas

My 10 th Birthday Sale was a roaring success, there were lots of celebrations across the week and lots and lots of foot traffic, so thankyou to all that called in and collected bargains.

I felt it was quite a milestone for me, its been a lot of hard work all of which l have enjoyed, there are some out there that think retail is easy….let me tell you its not…

Anyway the sale is done and dusted for this year.  The winner of the door prize  was Sally Inglis, l presented her with a huge travel bag of goodies, which she was more than happy with.

So then on the Monday after the sale all of my Christmas fabric that had been stock piled since June and then 6 new collections of fabric had to be put out on the floor (that was fun)

001jpgThis was the first display to get done, the main features are Cotton and Steel’s Christmas range.  Its just so different which is why l found it so appealing.

003jpgl managed to finish a Christmas tree skirt by  Claire Turpin designs/Tied with a Ribbon collaboration.  The fun with this is it is totally made of scraps and everything fitted perfectly, a credit to the designers…..The pattern is available at the shop.

As l mentioned l had new collections:

004jpgModa s Modern Backgrounds………just perfect…..teams well with Chic Neutrals……

005jpgA new Aunt Grace 1930s collection…….

006jpgsome more of the amazing Tim Holtz………..

007jpgl filled the gaps on the Kaffe Fassett shelves…no more to say about that…….

010jpgl managed to get a good quality range of widebacks………

There are a few more collections to add but l ran out of time to photograph….so you will have to wait for the next post.

So for the moment  ..


10 th Birthday Sale

The 10 th Birthday Sale has finally arrived.

So the details are :

The sale will run from Monday 19 October to Saturday 24 October 2015

There is 30 % off all fabrics (except Liberty, QuiltBacks )  minimum cut is 50 cm.

No layby or rainchecks.

There is also a door prize……………


So thats all of the official stuff, now the serious stuff, a big huge thankyou to all of my customers that come in and purchase and basically keep the shop ticking over.

I love what l do and get great enjoyment from putting all of the workings of my shop together…..

I intend to be around for a lot longer, as my to do list for the shop is still big……….

So once again thankyou.

It would be remiss of me not to mention my shop “chicks”, thankyou also to Carmel ,Janine ,Danni and Ashley who keep things working for me and put up with my rearranging…..

To my core group of teachers, Carol , Marina , Janine, Jan, Irene and Judy  thankyou……you get the “bums ” on seats.

Next year this group will expand to include some more variety in workshops so keep a look out.

So onwards and upwards….or to infinity and beyond (ok thats enough).

Cheers Mary


August chats

I could’nt  think of a better heading for this post, it seems that chatting is a dying art, that is using your voice…….rather than your fingers on your phone …..

Social media has taken over, and while yes l do use it(social media) for my business, basically l see my phone as a tracking device…….

Get your head out of the phone and talk to people directly…..

Manners and social graces seem to be missing……

Anyway just an issue that floated through my head, after first hand experience……

I love at chat (surprise surprise)……maybe the next time you are in the street or a shop maybe smile or say hello to someone you dont know…it may make there day…….or yours…….get your nose out of your phone….

001jpg005jpgHalle Rose, a sweet collection and looks ideal in kids clothing.

002jpgLove this collection  called Jungle Thing……panels and matching fabric……appeals to my sense of humour.

004jpgAnother new range: Chic Neutrals………

006jpgand the long awaited Cotton and Steel collection………

003jpgI finally managed to get the binding finished on this cot quilt…..there a re a couple of kits available for this quilt.

Cheers Mary

PS: Jack has had his first taste of solids,  and managed it like a seasoned trooper, and l thought like father like son…..


Brrrrr stating the obvious …its cold

July so far weather wise has been a cold month in Melbourne, and a little bit fresher in Gisborne but that is expected.

Nothing that cranking up the heater doesnt fix…so my shop is beautiful and warm……

The regular box unpacking continues….and my changing the shop around is still a current theme….

002jpgFrench General – Bon Voyage precuts and only the greens /blues arrived…..

007jpg“Darling”-  modern greys and pinks in geometric patterns .

008jpgAmazing Amy Butler  collection called Bright Heart.

009jpgand lovely new Liberty  great price at $50.00 per metre…..

The other great thing that has happened is that Irene Blancks new Block of the Month  Paradise of Birds has started ……..(dont panic if you have registered and havent heard from me that will happen this week)

As with all BOMs there are only limited spots so currently the first program is full but l am taking names as l will be starting a second program, so you can register for the next one.

003jpgThankyou to all that popped in for my first quilt sale… went well with more than half of the quilts sold.  It may be a regular calender event……

001jpgThanks again for another great month…..

Cheers Mary

Jack news:    Jack is a little chubby 3 month old now smiling and gooing, not surprising that he has his mother and father wrapped around his little fat fingers……  He is however still keeping them up at night……

Paperwork and sewing….and the quilt sale….

I am not even going to discuss how quickly the last month went…….and now all of the paperwork has to be done to show what you did for the last year…oh it is such a fun time (not)

Anyway on the shop front its been very busy and great fun.

Lots of bits have arrived but due to the camera operator not keeping up to date, there are not many photos…..l fear there is going to be a sacking……

002jpgWell the wool got moved, the “Mary ” usual a bit of down time well sort of….. meant it got moved from the back to the front, so its a bit better to access now for the cooler weather.

010jpgIrene Blanck’s book signing was a huge success and a hoot of a day thankyou to those of you that came to get the book and a signature…Irene is a very humble designer who has a knack of appealing to a very broad range of people with her designs.

Her new Block of the Month  “Paradise of Birds” will be available shortly at the shop, l will get some photos posted shortly……you can put your name on the waiting list just phone the shop or email me.

I have plenty of books in stock for purchase  for just $70.00……..per book……

001jpgThe terrific collection, from Tim Holtz is moving very quickly…and this is his map fabric… an all over pattern…no need for any other explanation.

003jpgAnother rippa of a kids collection…..(l forgot the name) oops

Anyway the opening of the box fest continues so l will post more when l get a new photographer.

Just a reminder  this weekend  4/5 JULY  l have my QUILT SALE in the classroom, a collection of shop samples and quilts that l have made over the last couple of years will be on sale.  The only restriction is that there is no layby…..or rainchecks.

Classes: There are a couple of vacancies left in Rae Telfer fussy cutting class on Saturday 25 July, and Judy Newman class on Monday 27 July if you are interested.

Cheers  Mary

UPDATE:  Jack is doing very well and stretching his skin to its limits at the moment……..he has found his hands and is quite happy making noise…


June……….1st day of Winter

Today is cold ,wet ,hailing and l have the day off so l am catching up on paperwork and a little sewing.  Lucky Me.

So clearing out the inbox…….

After a bit of a delay due to wharf issues in the States, a lot of stock has arrived, and at this stage l have only taken pics of two collections. (l ran out of time)

More Kaffe Fassett,

001jpg002jpgGardenvale by Australia’s own Jen Kingwell. Jen is the owner of Amitie. So congrats to her with this collection.

Other collections to arrive.

Eclectic Elements ll (part) by Tim Holtz

Violette by Amy Butler

Furry Friends and   Fawn Meadow  – two simple kids collections

I will try and get the photos done this week.

Gail Pan , Australian and international teacher and book author will be teaching at the shop on Saturday 13 June, a small project had been organised for the class .  Currently there are x 2 vacancies if you are interested please contact the shop.

Some new classes have been sorted:                                      Basic Sewing  (Evening class)and Indigo blues (fabric dyeing class) (Saturday workshop), the dates and cost have not been organised as yet but if you are interested please contact the shop.

The classes will run in third term .


And yes l have changed the shop around again,  oh well its just me…………..l do the same at home.

The wool is at the front of the shop for the moment………to entice the knitters……….

Little  Jack  is doing well , getting fatter and growing quickly……and l still havent taken a pic of the quilt l made for him, l just get caught up in cuddles so the pic is easily forgotten.

Anyway thats all for the moment.

Cheers Mary






May Days

Since my last post “Our Baby Jack” has arrived….all safe and sound…apart from a fair bit of waiting, as Jack decided that he was not wanting to come out and was quite happy to stay put.

So lovely to see how happy James and Leanne are, not to mention the extended family  yes and also the “grandies”.

Thankyou for all of your good wishes…….a new era has begun in our household.

It would be also remiss of me not to thank all of the well wishes, sent after James rather interesting accident, after taking a mark in the Richmond game.  So to report all is fixed….every nut/ball joke has been used and continues to be used..and there are no photos circulating of the injury…..he doesnt walk funny…..he didnt compare it to childbirth…that was edited…….and he is enjoying his time on the sidelines with Leanne and Baby Jack.

So in a nutshell……woops there it goes again…..

The colder weather has hit so its time to be knitting and crocheting, l am stocking a reasonable variety of wool at the moment.   Patons Totem, Country Naturals, Country Colour, California, Jet 12 ply, Mohair, Sirdar Sublime, Bamboo.

So pop in and have a look……

001jpgMy knitted blanket, was made from Country Naturals.

003jpgZauberball is also proving to be popular, so l have a nice selection of this wool.

005jpgWhile stock lasts l have these great Packs called Top This, its a beanie to knit that has a topper of a small animal for the pompom they are great and very easy to knit at $17 a ball quite the bargain.  There are 12 toppers to choose from.

004jpgBandana is also on the shelves now…the usual bright and colourful collection we come to expect from Me and Me Sisters.

010jpgAnd last but not least  Irene Blancks First Book has been released  “Focus on Applique”.  Its is wonderful, lots of great patterns, the book is beautifully set out, the colour reproduction is perfect so it basically ticks all of the boxes.

We will be having  a book signing on Saturday 27 June  times to be sorted yet…so stay posted…Book orders are being taken at the moment, so if you definately want the book order now.  The stock will be here shortly.

Cheers Mary

April news

The middle of April already, and believe it or not the fabric for Christmas has been ordered……and yes thats a bit hard to get your head around.

Just a reminder on the weekend of Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 May  the Macedon Ranges Spinners and Weavers will have a display and sale of items in my huge classroom.

This is the perfect opportunity for Mothers Day purchases…..there will be ladies spinning, its a fascinating art and looks very relaxing.

So come and support this group by attending the exhibition and may purchase an item ot two…….


And the box emptying continues:

001jpgTerrific new coloured elastic arrived along with new Kaffe Fassett.

002jpgKaffe Fassett……….aahh

003jpgRise and Shine, just a great selection of fabric…..geometric and gray…..


Coming up soon is the wonderful   LANCEFIELD QUILT SHOW  Saturday 23 May and Sunday 24 May held at the Mechanics Hall.

Its important to support these groups, it takes a lot of effort and time  to get a show up and running, and its great that people are still willing to do this and also there are always great quilts on show.

And yes Patch n Quilt will be in attendance along with A Piece of Cloth……..

Cheers Mary

Easter is almost here ..aaaaahhhhhh.

Well we are a couple of days out from Easter and more importantly for our family the start of the AFL footy season.  Not sure how many games l will get to this year jusy my luck most of James games will be on a Saturday…..oh well…

The Kelly baby is nearly cooked, and should be here some time in the next couple of weeks so of course two quilts have been made……no secret clues have been leaked as to the it will be a great surprise.   So thanks for all of your enquiries….l’ll let you know what the outcome is…..

The box brigade continues arriving at the shop and the following collections are now on the shelf.

001jpgAnother Aunt Grace 1930s collection.

002jpgDaysail By Bonnie and Camille  (sorry about the pic)

009jpgSanibel by Gina Martin..

Just also need to let you know that my Easter trading will be as follows:

Friday 3 April    CLOSED

Saturday 4 April   Open 9.30 – 4.oopm

Sunday 5 April   Open 9.00 – 3.00pm

Monday 6 April CLOSED

Tuesday 7 April back to normal trading…………………

Easter Sunday has coincided with Gisborne Market Day which is why l will be open….so l will have to save my chocolates until l get home.

Have a great mini break……

Cheers Mary

PS  REMINDER FOR MAY MARKET DAY:  The  Spinners and Weavers will be having a display and sale of goods in my classroom..   get some great products for Mothers Day.