2015 my 10th year of trading..

Sorry for the lack of blogging but sorry life got in the way……..

The rap sheet for 2014 has been great and quite satisfying, the shop has continued to grow l never seem to have enough time to get everything done , but l am not alone there.

So the things I have learnt from 2014:

1. do not  make my “work to be done ” list huge and be realistic

2.not every collection needs something made for it.

3. Stick with my philosophy, if l dont like it dont buy it……..

4.Continue moving the shop around, it makes great conversation and drives my shop girls mad…….

5. Acknowledge that l am not super woman so when one is sick and cannot speak, its time to do something about it.

6. Get as much free labour from my kids as possible ( pay back time.)

7. Continue to come up with odd jobs for the husband as he loves it.!!!!!!

8. Plan a holiday early or maybe just plan to have one.

9. And last but not least continue to enjoy my shop…….

So this year 2015 will be  my 10th year of trading, a pretty good milestone l think.  It only seems like yesterday l started,  a few hurdles along the way but we all need them to keep it real.  Getting rid of the cobwebs has a great feeling of satisfaction.

So as my camera has died there are no new pics…….so happy 2015 and look forward to another 10 years  (gee l’ll be old then).

Cheers Mary


PS: I have lots of different classes this year, Gail Pan will be in” the Da house”  along with Rae Telfer and Trish Harper.