Brrrrr stating the obvious …its cold

July so far weather wise has been a cold month in Melbourne, and a little bit fresher in Gisborne but that is expected.

Nothing that cranking up the heater doesnt fix…so my shop is beautiful and warm……

The regular box unpacking continues….and my changing the shop around is still a current theme….

002jpgFrench General – Bon Voyage precuts and only the greens /blues arrived…..

007jpg“Darling”-  modern greys and pinks in geometric patterns .

008jpgAmazing Amy Butler  collection called Bright Heart.

009jpgand lovely new Liberty  great price at $50.00 per metre…..

The other great thing that has happened is that Irene Blancks new Block of the Month  Paradise of Birds has started ……..(dont panic if you have registered and havent heard from me that will happen this week)

As with all BOMs there are only limited spots so currently the first program is full but l am taking names as l will be starting a second program, so you can register for the next one.

003jpgThankyou to all that popped in for my first quilt sale… went well with more than half of the quilts sold.  It may be a regular calender event……

001jpgThanks again for another great month…..

Cheers Mary

Jack news:    Jack is a little chubby 3 month old now smiling and gooing, not surprising that he has his mother and father wrapped around his little fat fingers……  He is however still keeping them up at night……

Paperwork and sewing….and the quilt sale….

I am not even going to discuss how quickly the last month went…….and now all of the paperwork has to be done to show what you did for the last year…oh it is such a fun time (not)

Anyway on the shop front its been very busy and great fun.

Lots of bits have arrived but due to the camera operator not keeping up to date, there are not many photos…..l fear there is going to be a sacking……

002jpgWell the wool got moved, the “Mary ” usual a bit of down time well sort of….. meant it got moved from the back to the front, so its a bit better to access now for the cooler weather.

010jpgIrene Blanck’s book signing was a huge success and a hoot of a day thankyou to those of you that came to get the book and a signature…Irene is a very humble designer who has a knack of appealing to a very broad range of people with her designs.

Her new Block of the Month  “Paradise of Birds” will be available shortly at the shop, l will get some photos posted shortly……you can put your name on the waiting list just phone the shop or email me.

I have plenty of books in stock for purchase  for just $70.00……..per book……

001jpgThe terrific collection, from Tim Holtz is moving very quickly…and this is his map fabric… an all over pattern…no need for any other explanation.

003jpgAnother rippa of a kids collection…..(l forgot the name) oops

Anyway the opening of the box fest continues so l will post more when l get a new photographer.

Just a reminder  this weekend  4/5 JULY  l have my QUILT SALE in the classroom, a collection of shop samples and quilts that l have made over the last couple of years will be on sale.  The only restriction is that there is no layby…..or rainchecks.

Classes: There are a couple of vacancies left in Rae Telfer fussy cutting class on Saturday 25 July, and Judy Newman class on Monday 27 July if you are interested.

Cheers  Mary

UPDATE:  Jack is doing very well and stretching his skin to its limits at the moment……..he has found his hands and is quite happy making noise…