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2015 my 10th year of trading..

Sorry for the lack of blogging but sorry life got in the way…….. The rap sheet for 2014 has been great and quite satisfying, the shop has continued to grow l never seem to have enough time to get everything done , but l am not alone there. So the things I have learnt from […]

Sale week summary

Well,  the carpet was worn out with the traffic generated by the sale, thankyou to all that came over the week and l am sure that you got lots of bargains.  It was great as lots of bolts were moved on which has left room for more fresh new fabric and of course Christmas fabric. […]

The lilac had bloomed

You can tell you are on the countdown to Christmas when the lilac blooms: As usual due to the lack of posts, you would not know that lots again has happened unless you follow instagram, so here is an update. Lisa decided to get rid of this sewing machine and l was the benefactor of […]

Half way through August…..

My mid way through August update relates to fabric and more fabric, a bit more wool, and preparations for Nicole’s class, Jan’s packed classes, Judys fun move and shake class, Carols cataract surgery, and of course James milestone 250 games for Geelong. So really not busy at all…………….thats a joke in case you didnt get […]