Learning new techniques..not in the sewing sense.

As is always the case with me, l much prefer to sew and embroider l do like to be organised at my shop, definately at home (it all doesnt work if this isnt right, put the hubby in that category) .

But when it comes to the computer and HAVING to learn new bits l tend to drag my heels a bit, as l think of all of the other things l would prefer to be doing.

So hence l make hard work out of something that is simple.

So this is where this post begins………resizing………dragging and clicking…….adding things…….previewing (many times)…and if it wasnt for the fantastic help l  have been getting from the 5 foot 1 person(Jen) l would be still floundering.

Hang on maybe l would be in the sewing room…….. But then again this new post may not work and then l will have to eat my words….