May Days

Since my last post “Our Baby Jack” has arrived….all safe and sound…apart from a fair bit of waiting, as Jack decided that he was not wanting to come out and was quite happy to stay put.

So lovely to see how happy James and Leanne are, not to mention the extended family  yes and also the “grandies”.

Thankyou for all of your good wishes…….a new era has begun in our household.

It would be also remiss of me not to thank all of the well wishes, sent after James rather interesting accident, after taking a mark in the Richmond game.  So to report all is fixed….every nut/ball joke has been used and continues to be used..and there are no photos circulating of the injury…..he doesnt walk funny…..he didnt compare it to childbirth…that was edited…….and he is enjoying his time on the sidelines with Leanne and Baby Jack.

So in a nutshell……woops there it goes again…..

The colder weather has hit so its time to be knitting and crocheting, l am stocking a reasonable variety of wool at the moment.   Patons Totem, Country Naturals, Country Colour, California, Jet 12 ply, Mohair, Sirdar Sublime, Bamboo.

So pop in and have a look……

001jpgMy knitted blanket, was made from Country Naturals.

003jpgZauberball is also proving to be popular, so l have a nice selection of this wool.

005jpgWhile stock lasts l have these great Packs called Top This, its a beanie to knit that has a topper of a small animal for the pompom they are great and very easy to knit at $17 a ball quite the bargain.  There are 12 toppers to choose from.

004jpgBandana is also on the shelves now…the usual bright and colourful collection we come to expect from Me and Me Sisters.

010jpgAnd last but not least  Irene Blancks First Book has been released  “Focus on Applique”.  Its is wonderful, lots of great patterns, the book is beautifully set out, the colour reproduction is perfect so it basically ticks all of the boxes.

We will be having  a book signing on Saturday 27 June  times to be sorted yet…so stay posted…Book orders are being taken at the moment, so if you definately want the book order now.  The stock will be here shortly.

Cheers Mary