Dance of the Heart sums it up……..

Terrific Easter was had by all the the PnQ household, lots of visitors, food, chocolate, (maybe a little alcohol) a football drought over(Go Cats), some odd jobs done , sewing done, a sleep in, roaming around in pjs for a while.

So l thought l had better show you what lve been up to…..l have spent some 2 hours trawling through sites on the computer   l so hate that when l get hooked…..

005jpgDance of the Heart  by Rosalie Quinlan got finished,

001jpgAnother childs play mat got finished l think l am in love with these….they are just so simple  find a panel if its not big enough for what you want add a border to the top and bottom place some batting behind that and quilt with cotton perle(its quick by using a thicker thread) then using spray baste put a piece of laminated fabric on the back and then trim to size and then bind it using the pre-made binding that l have in the shop and thats it….great present……

002jpgSitting around for some time l have had these iron on transfers from the Aunt Marthas range and l was always a bit stuck as to what to do, so l needed a new tablecloth.

So l cut out the tranfers from the packet and then ironed them onto a feed sack that l had(its huge) and then started to embroider the picture.

004jpgand the first one is done..l used x 6 strands of DMC in really bright colours.  The only negative to the process is that the lines can be a bit thick if you keep the iron on too long.  You would think l would know that by now………

So when l get further down the track l will show you…….

Cheers Mary