How do you measure success……..

A lovely collection of fabric called has been put out onto the shelves, PB&J very different but strong colours here is a sample.

001jpg002jpgDo you measure success on what you finish or what you start or how it is admired or whether you receive enormous satisfaction from getting something done or do you just plain and simple like it and thats all that matters… it is a very interesting talking point, with a varied point of view.  Lets face it it is a personal point of view…..

But when Jan Kerton comes for her   classes, success is measured not by what is finished but by the fun that every class member has and the wonder of how long does one have to live to be able to do it all.                                                                  Adele managed to get her hippos finished, and the result is fantastic .

008jpgJust a little bit different using Red Wool/cashmere  (in stock at the shop).

I rest my case…………….

Jan has a couple more new designs which should be ready shortly  Owls and Tigers. I will let you know when they are in.

Cheers Mary