United Stitches by Rosalie Quinlan

You would have been hiding under a rock, not to have heard anything about Rosalie Quinlans new stitch and swap program called United Stitches.

A very new concept so briefly  there are 32 stitcheries which can make up a quilt.   In the individual stitchery pack numbered 3-32 there are 2 preprinted stitcheries, a stitchery guide and 2 swaps cards of the design.  To get started there is a “starter pack” which contains no 1 and 2 stitcheries, pre-printed linen, stitchery guide and 2 swap cards,  quilt pattern, template and United Stitches tin.

The idea is to stitch and swap………simple… this project can be worked with a friend, the sticheries can be given as a gift, you can make 2 quilts  the ideas are limitless.

Creative Abundance the distributors, have developed a facebook page for United Stitches so you can get a lot more ideas from that site or maybe find someone to share with you.

So anyway  l have the program available at the shop…..you purchase several different ways.

Full kit,  Full Block of the Month( inc starter pack, stitcheries)  11 months.  Odds and Evens Block of the Month  (starter pack purchased sep) 5 months, Odds full purchase, Evens Full Purchase, Starter Pack seperate purchase

If this sounds confusing l can talk you through it.  So its ready to go…..Starter Packs now available  oops l forgot you can also purchase the stitcheries as individuals and the tins…….

001jpgSo in amongest all the Stitchery bits  this fabric turned up.

002jpgDaysail by Bonnie and Camille

003jpgPetite Wovens  in red……..

Cheers Mary

PS: No threads are included but l have a DMC conversion done as the program uses Cosmos threads.