Dear William Block of the Month

Janine has done a fabulous job making the  quilt to display the new Block of the Month  Dear William by Michele Hill.

Its now in the front window and the block of the month is available for sale.

So last week as l was serving a customer, the customer spied some fabric pieces l had on the messy bench beside the cash register.

The fabric she said is mine, a tad puzzled as l had not even packaged them, so l thought what is she talking about.

I laughed it off thinking that l had misunderstood what she said, but no…………it was her fabric she designed it……aaaaaaahhhhhhhh it was Michele Hill.

What a very genuine lady who was normal…..(which is always a blessing) out of sheer excitement l just kept firing questions at her all of which she happily answered.

Did you know that in her previous life she was a nurse, and she loves sewing  and she is totally overwhelmed with her success……..

It was just great to meet her and even very touching that she chose to come into my shop and purchase goods, as l said thankyou she said well if we dont support our shops they will close. How many people are that thoughful.


lots of other bits also arrived.

002jpgMaze  as bright as……

003jpgAnimal Friends  l also have a huge range of new brights spots, stripes, wire  which all work great with this fabric.

Cheers for now.



Great news, well l think it is….

As from Monday 13 May 2013,

My shop will now be taking sewing machines and overlockers  for repairs and services.

All brands of machines accepted.

Drop off at the shop  and allow approx a 7 day turnaround.

Repairs done by a qualified  mechanic.

So maybe give it a try.

Cheers Mary

Liberty is here

I am very lucky to be able to stock the Liberty Art Series fabric.

001jpgIt has been hugely successful and the colours are amazing.

007pgJan Kerton also dropped in her new Blanket called Owls……..looks great as usual…..


003and have l told you about the Imps  it was fun making them a pattern by MayBlossom.

Cheers Mary


A Paint Box with shades of Black

Definately a play on words.

004jpg 005jpg 006pgfrom Paint Box  to Shades of Black  all new at the shop.

Cheers Mary